Hurricane Florence Notes


Sunday 2 PM, September 16

I have been up since early this morning.  It has been raining most of the day.  Occasionally the wind picks up, but we have not seen anything really strong on our neighborhood..  Still, we are far from the storm passing through.

I worked on a devotional this morning, and I have decided that it is much easier to prepare a live sermon than one on video.  The amount of time it takes to edit, convert, upload and publish is far more time consuming than writing a sermon and delivering it.  I also would rather talk to real people rather than a camera.

If you have not seen it yet, the video is here:

I hope you have spent the day getting some rest and recuperation.  If you needed to be productive, I hope you used your time well.

Tomorrow, many of us will be back at work, or back to our regular lives.

One thing I discovered in spending a Sunday at home is that I missed being in worship with the folks at Rehobeth.  I missed our conversations, handshakes, smiles and hugs.

Let’s make a plan to try being together next week.


Saturday 10 PM, September 15

It has been a long day.  Rain is steady and a little bit of wind is blowing.  Nothing like I have seen from the coast.  We can be thankful, and be prayerful for those who have experienced much worse.

I am still amazed at how slow this storm has been moving.  Two or three miles per hour for a day is a “slow moving disaster” like the folks on TWC said this afternoon.   It has been a historic storm in a number of ways.  We will still be feeling the affects for days to come across the state.

Planning to get some sleep and see what a new day brings.


Saturday 5 PM, September 15

It has been a good day to watch football.  In have seen cars up and down our road much of the afternoon, the weather is wet but nothing hurricane like yet.

The latest Weather Channel forecast says it will be around 8 pm when we see the rough weather bands coming through. We shall see.

We will make decisions about Sunday services in the coming hours. Keep  watch on Facebook, the website and WSOC for announcement.


Saturday 1 PM, September 15

I have been waiting for some more rain and wind since 11 AM, we continue to see little of each.

At this time, there are 6 Duke Energy customers without power in Catawba County.  Pretty minor compared to the coast where most counties are looking at 85% of the population without power.

I am sure we will see wind and rain before the day is out.  We are currently watching Syracuse football for Rose’s mom (who is without power in Syracuse, nothing to do with a storm).

Enjoy the afternoon, charge up your devices, set aside some water for flushing toilets, and we will stay in touch.

Keep me posted with any emergencies or weather updates from your neck of the woods.

Call or text- 828.316.7442

Saturday 9 AM, September 15

Up watching storm trackers and local news this morning.  It appears that we will begin seeing the heavier winds and rain around 11:00 AM on Saturday.

The parsonage and church are a little damp as of 9:00 AM.  No real signs of wind or storm yet.

I have been watching the news from Charlotte seeing trees and power lines down, we can expect some of the same up in Catawba County.

I am waiting to make any announcements about Sunday until later after seeing storm affects, but you will be able to see any announcements on WSOC-TV or on their website [CLOSINGS]

We will also try to get a phone tree call out around the same time.

Stay safe and stay in touch!


Friday, September 14

Watching the destruction on the coast of North Carolina from the news has been sobering.  I have classmates from seminary and friends from a long time ago that have homes and churches in the midst of it all.  I suspect that some of you have friends, family and acquaintances there as well.  Let’s keep them all in prayer as we await the storm ourselves.

Here is a link to information from our Conference Disaster Response Team that you can read and share around:

In the coming weeks, you will have an opportunity to make donations to UMCOR through special offerings during services at Rehobeth.  Remember that United Methodists are already at work helping with response to this storm, and there will be United Methodists there for months and years to come.

Please be safe this weekend and keep a watch on neighbors and friends.  If you should need anything, feel free to call Pastor Mike at 828.316.7442.


Thursday, September 13

It is a beautiful day in Terrell, which is obviously the calm before the storm.  It appears that we will begin seeing the affects of the storm here on Friday, and we will more than likely see rain and wind through the weekend.  We will make determinations about Sunday services over the weekend.

Your safety is of upmost importance, so please take precautions and keep a lookout for your neighbors.

On a very positive note, thanks goes out to the United Methodist Men who spent Wednesday at the Mission Response Center moving flood buckets, and they will be working again on Friday.  It is great to be part of a congregation who pitches in during times of need.


Wednesday, September 12

You have probably been watching the weather channel and catching all the news about Hurricane Florence as I have.  It is still uncertain the exact path this storm will take, and predictions for wind and rainfall are across the board.

I saw a tracking report that predicted a more southern path than the one I saw last night.  It may change in the coming hours.  I know we will get some wind and rain in the next few days, and since this is my first time in this area during a major storm, I will see what happens with high winds and power lines, trees, etc. for myself.

Here are some suggestions for the coming days:

1) Prepare as you see the need for the safety and comfort of your family.
2) Keep a watch out for your neighbors, especially those who are elderly and those who may have health issues.
3) Be in prayer for those who are evacuating the coast, and for those first responders who are on their way there.
4) Stay in touch with your church family.  Let us know if you need any kind of help during or in the aftermath of the storm.
5) Remember, because of our generosity throughout the year, the United Methodist Committee on Relief is already preparing response teams and planning for recovery efforts now.  Pray for their staff and volunteers as they will be involved in response efforts for weeks and months to come.

Michael Rich