About Rehobeth

Our Name

Rehobeth is the name of an ancient well in the Middle East where people could come and draw water without price. Come visit us and draw living water from the well of Christ each week!

Our Beginnings

Founded in 1789, Rehobeth was the first church established west of the Catawba River in North Carolina. The driving force behind Rehobeth’s birth was Daniel Asbury, a Fairfax, Virginia, native.

Daniel Asbury went to Kentucky in 1778, when he was about sixteen years old. He was captured by the Indians and then handed over to the British, who jailed him in Detroit. Escaping, he made his way back to Virginia around 1783. He was converted and received into the Methodist Conference in Virginia and came to North Carolina as a circuit preacher.

In 1787, Daniel Asbury founded the “Grassy Branch Methodist Society,” which evolved into Rehobeth Church near what is now Terrell, in Catawba County, North Carolina. In 1794, he held the first camp meeting for several days and nights at the site of Rehobeth Church. In 1824, he retired and married Nancy Morris. Asbury died in April 1825, and was buried in the Rehobeth Church cemetery.

Joining the Church

If you are interested in being received as a member of Rehobeth, please contact the church office.