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Pastor Mike Rich

 Pastor Mike Rich

August 2018: "An Amazing Welcome"


Last month, I wrote an article about my near arrival at Rehobeth, all from a single visit to the church, several phone calls with leaders, and some emails and notes from others who had wished me well before the move.

Now I actually experienced it.

What a surprise when I drove up to the parsonage on July 3rd and saw a lawn full of cars and trucks and people willing to help us move in. We had a moving company that did the heavy lifting, but even they were surprised that so many showed up to assist them.

The number of folks I have spoken with still has me reeling that had a hand in painting, cleaning, fixing, moving furniture, and more. David Sigmon and his coworkers did an amazing job with the parsonage. It is by far one of the nicest homes I have ever lived in my nearly 58 years.

The welcome on my first Sunday preaching at Rehobeth will always be a great memory. In the middle of vacation season, when people are coming and going, so many showed up to hear this stranger preach. The way you turned out to care for Carol Graham and family that weekend when we said goodbye to Jean Sheets (with a stranger leading the service) was a sign that you know lots about what it means to be church.

The covered dish meal that you prepared for us was outstanding. My son, who also felt welcomed on that Sunday, was the first to say, "These folks know how to eat." I am even more convinced that a church that knows the basics of sharing food and hospitality is ripe for great ministry in the world.

In the past few weeks, I have been meeting lots of folks, some who are part of this faith community, and others who are part of the community. I have met folks that remind me of my roots and make me feel comfortable in my own skin. I think I am right when I say this, but I have moved to a friendly, down to earth place, with folks who know how to laugh, and serve, and seem to do it with ease.

I believe that what Rose and I have experienced is the sign of great things to come.

  • A church that can welcome a stranger, can be open and welcoming to a community full of folks seeking a church home and seeking family.
  • A church that serves so willingly in so many ways can be a people of mission locally and beyond.
  • A church that shows such great table hospitality, knows a basic building block of building community.
  • A church that laughs heartily and takes itself lightly, can be a beacon to a world that can be dark and forbidding to many.

I look forward to seeing this amazing welcome blossom into a transforming ministry in this community.

Michael Rich


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