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Pastor Mike Rich

 Pastor Mike Rich

July 2018: "Saying Hello, While Saying Goodbye"


As I write this, I am in the midst of turning over my conference responsibilities to other people and finishing up all kinds of paperwork. After working for six years in a couple of different jobs on the conference staff, it will be a change of pace to focus on one church, rather than being in service to 1000+ churches.

I am also saying goodbye to a congregation that I have come to love over the past two years. They might not be that large, but they have a huge spirit, and have done amazing ministry in that community and beyond. It is always bittersweet to be leaving a place you have loved, while welcoming the opportunities of a new place and a new people. Rose and I look forward to moving into the community, getting to know you, and serving Christ together with you.

Some Things to Expect

  • I tell lots of stories. In my preaching, teaching, and everyday interactions, I share openly of my life and ministry. You will get to know lots about me, where I grew up, where I have lived, and many of the people with whom I have served. I also like to hear your stories, and get to know you, and what makes you tick. I have a vision of God's Kingdom being a big front porch with the family of God sharing their stories together.
  • I tend to be informal. I grew up in a blue collar family, and most of my kinfolk never made a living in a suit and tie. Though I will wear a suit on different occasions, you will generally find me in more comfortable clothing. I earned a doctorate over 20 years ago, but it is rare that I am ever addressed as "Doctor." If you have to use a title, I think "Pastor Mike" is my favorite. If titles are not your thing, I have been called "Mike" or "Michael" most of my life and I will answer to both. (If you call me by my first name, "Howard" I will suspect you are trying to sell me something, or have some kind of government business to talk about.)
  • I enjoy technology. I would have never survived six years on the conference staff without enjoying it. I know my way around websites, social media, other kinds of media. Since the 1990s, I have found various ways to use it in local churches and communities. I also realize that it is not everyone's cup of tea. For me, technology is just a tool for telling stories and making them available to others. I hope you will join me on Facebook, and on the web in the coming months.

Rose and I don't know all of you yet, but from the folks that have greeted us warmly, and from our interactions with various leaders and staff, we already anticipate a joy-filled and fruitful ministry together with you.

We look forward to moving into the parsonage on July 3rd, and we already feel like Rehobeth and Terrell are our new home!

Michael Rich

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