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 Bob Kerr

"The Night Before Christmas 2008"

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through my house,
Not a creature was stirring — not even my spouse!
The cookies were baked and the cakes were all done,
And we’d been at the Church for some Christmas Eve fun.

The children were snuggled all warm in their beds
With visions of Gameboys that danced in their heads.
With thoughts of X-Boxes and dolls and much more,
They went off to sleep as I reached for the door.

I quietly closed it and walked down the hall
And noticed the sign, “Merry Christmas to All!”
Decorations were everywhere — easy to see,
And right in the middle? A great Christmas tree.

Beneath it the presents were placed all about
And the cookies and milk for our guest were laid out.
I went on to bed and we snuggled up close.
As I went on to sleep I was just warm as toast.

And then I heard it, faintly at first,
The noise got much louder and then it got worse!
Someone was up on the roof overhead,
So I put on my slippers and jumped out of bed.

I picked up my flashlight and went to the door,
Stepped out in the snow and felt cold to the core!
I shined my light upward to see what was there,
A great, shining glory was filling the air!

I turned off my light and I listened with care.
As angels sang praises, I thought,”Should I dare
To join this great chorus and sing to the King
Who was born in a manger? ” I started to sing.

“Away in a Manager,” and “Silent Night” too,
“Joy to the World,” all four verses through!
And then they were gone, just as quick as a wink,
And in the deep silence, I started to think.

“Perhaps I was dreaming,” I quietly said
As I started to make my way back up to bed.
I paused for a moment and stood by the tree
And glanced at the presents — one was for me!

A small wooden manger was placed on the floor
So I quietly turned and pushed closed the door.
I slowly knelt down, took the gift in my hand,
And there in the manger a note written by hand:

“I love you, and thank you for singing for me.
I heard every note while I knelt by your tree.
In Bethlehem’s town a long time ago,
I came in a manger so folks would all know,

They’re never alone and will always be loved,
This is my Christmas Card, sent from above.”

I stood and rushed out to the yard one more time,
And there in the snow was a wonderful sign …
It looked as if angels had laid on the ground
And left their impressions in snow all around.

I hadn’t been dreaming! ‘Twas real after all,
And Jesus had left me a card when he called!
So this Christmas morning when you open your eyes,
Look for a manger and a card there inside.

‘Cause after the reindeer and Santa are gone,
And the heavenly choir has finished its song,
Jesus comes sweetly to kneel by your tree,
and says:

“Thanks for the party, and for thinking of me.”


Manger Scene


A note to parents/grandparents: Find a small manger and put a note in it from Jesus that quotes the last line above.

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Used by permission