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June 2017: "A Note from the Other Side of Surgery …"

Dear Friends in Christ,

Lay Servants Leading Worship

During my recovery from hip replacement surgery on May 17, our Lay Leader, Cheryl Hamby, and our Staff-Parish Relations Committee chair, Dr. Steve Pickard, are taking on the task of not only leading and speaking in our worship services, but also "standing in the gap" for me when it comes to pastoral care concerns. I appreciate the dedication of these two remarkable "lay servants." I am also thankful for the wonderful job Brian Cropper did as our featured speaker during our Memorial Day weekend services. What an incredible life of service!

Graduation Sunday

The very first Sunday in June, we will be honoring our graduates from high schools, colleges and universities, and vocational school as well. Dr. Steve Pickard, who along with Doris has spent his life in the field of education, will be leading that service. We have been so blessed over the years by the caliber of our graduates, and we congratulate them and reassure them of our continuing prayers as they venture forth into the next phase of their lives.

The Family Life Center

We draw ever nearer to completion! I have noticed a palpable excitement among our people as the day draws closer when we can actually get into the new Family Life Center and begin using it! I'm missing being able to walk through the facility each evening to observe the progress. Many thanks not only to the design and development teams (our Family Life Center Committee, Trustees, Finance, and subcommittees) but acknowledgment of the faithfulness of our people in supporting this effort is so important. You, the people of Rehobeth UMC, have made this all possible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And I commend you!

Now, a Word about Recovery

While I'm passing out accolades, I need to put my wife Linda at the top of the list. Hip replacement surgery isn't so bad — after all, I slept through most of it! Recovery over these past two weeks has been a bit different. I've tried to sleep through as much of that as I could, but to no avail. Linda keeps getting me up to walk, to eat, and do the things therapists think are fun (I think, as a prerequisite to become a licensed therapist, one should have to go through all those surgeries and related therapeutic exercises themselves first…). I anticipate this will go well over these next few weeks and, hopefully, I will soon be back out amongst you all! And, of course, Linda and I both deeply appreciate your continuing prayers as I heal and get closer to getting back out among you! May God continue to bless each of you and your loved ones, and may God continue to bless the mission and ministries of Rehobeth United Methodist Church! It is a personal joy and privilege for me to be able to continue to serve another year as your pastor.

Yours in the service of Christ and the Church,


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