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March 2018: "In the Grip of Grace in Troubled Times"

Dear Friends in Christ,


Linda (my wife) and i love to learn new songs. The one we've been working on most recently has been written and recorded by the Dove Award-winning gospel duet Jeff and Sheri Easter and is entitled "Jesus Loves You." The melody is beautiful, but the words are what captured our hearts, simply because they are so descriptive of what so many people experience in life.

When you feel forgotten, when you feel you're all alone,
when you feel like giving up;
when you feel discouraged and everything's uncertain,
when you feel you're just not good enough;
when it's slipping through your hand and you've done all you can,
and there's just so much more to do,
it's easy to forget in times like this: Jesus loves you, Jesus loves you,
and he cares about everything you're going through.
Your name is engraved on the palm of his hands,
that's a promise you can hold on to.
It's easy to forget in times like this,
Jesus loves you.

That describes what a great many people feel every day of their lives, and the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is summed up so
beautifully in the chorus: Jesus loves you! Even in the midst of life's greatest losses, when we bid farewell to a loved one in death and
we feel "broken and driven to our knees," the reassurance that Jesus loves us, and is present with us, is enough to get us through.

My wife sees things in her scripture reading that others don't always see - has her own way of making connections. When we sang through
that line that declares "your name is engraved on the palm of his hand," she immediately concluded that God was the recipient of the first
tattoo! But think about it…there your name is - permanently engraved on the palm of God's hand, something God the Father bears in his
own being, and has before him every moment of every day. You are always held in the grip of his Grace and Love.

When we journey through Holy Week the end of this month, we will share in Maundy Thursday Communion, calling to remembrance the
Last Supper; on Friday we will remember the crucifixion, and on Easter Sunday morning, April 1, we will celebrate the single most significant
event in human history - the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and the promise of eternal life. All this God does for us so that we will
know beyond any doubt that we are loved and held in his divine hand, no matter what life brings our way. I now of no better news for the
troubled and dangerous world we live in than that. May the forgiveness made available through the cross, and the joy that surrounds the
Resurrection, bring you a sense of peace that passes all understanding.

Yours in the service of Christ and the Church,


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