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September 2017: "A Long-Awaited Celebration!"

Dear Friends in Christ,

Family Life Center to Open!

It has been a challenging journey with lots of hard work and creative adjustments, but this month we will move into the new Family Life Center! Your faithfulness as the people of God at Rehobeth has made this possible. From those foundational families that left starting monies to the portfolio, to the families who have added to that in memory of their loved ones, to all our folks who have sponsored individual rooms, equipment, or features, those who bought memorial bricks and leaves, to the folks serving on our various committees and sub-committees, to our Finance Committee and their thorough work (not just regarding the FLC but in the investment strategies they have used to grow the resources God has given us), to the incredible work of our trustees, to those who worked behind the scenes to clear the way requirements with the county, to all of you who have signed on to the Dollar-a-Day campaign, and those who have made gifts along the way in whatever amounts - YOU have made this possible! Of course, without the leadership of God's Spirit, and the faithful and prayerful seeking of that leadership, we wouldn't have accomplished this. Proverbs 16:3 says "Submit your plans to me, and I will establish them." We did, and He did!

On Sunday, September 10th during the Sunday School hour, we will meet in the Family Life Center for a Consecration Service which will start at 10 AM sharp. So we are encouraging everyone from the 8:45 service to remain and for the folks who come for Sunday School and the 10:45 service to be there at 10 AM as well.

School's Back in Session

Our children and youth are back in school now, and we're praying they will have a wonderful year. Our children's ministries under the guidance of the Children's Council will be getting off to a running start this month with children's activities, including an event led by the Clown Ministry from Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Statesville! Dates are still being finalized and we'll get word out to everyone to bring their children and grandchildren to these events. Youth ministries will swing into gear this month as well, under the leadership of Erica Holdsclaw and our Youth Council, and we still intend to continue the wonderful relationship we have been enjoying with Hopewell children and youth teams as well. Some of our youth are beginning their college careers, so keep them in your prayers, especially at a time when there is turbulence on some of our college and university campuses.

Pray for one another as we move through this year, roll up your shirtsleeves and be an active part of the worshipping and serving community here - then watch what God will do in our midst!

Yours in the service of Christ and the Church,


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