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 Bob Kerr

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Date Title
June 2007 Graduation, Annual Conference, Weddings, and the Coming of Summer
July 2007 Freedom's the Birthright of All God's Children
August 2007 Camp Meetings and New Beginnings
September 2007 The Launch Is a Success!
October 2007 The Gift of a Child
November 2007 A New November Ritual for the Book of Worship— The Striking of the Match and the Lighting of the Fires …
December 2007 Lessons from the Advent Wreath


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Date Title
January 2008 The Officer, Mechanic, Nurse, PA, and the Adjuster— A Christmas Story about Special Gifts
February 2008 Jesus' Journey Toward Jerusalem
March 2008 Linda, Jesus, and Therapy
April 2008 The Resurrection and Springtime
May 2008 An Invitation to Sit at the Table
June 2008 The Potter's Touch
July 2008 Thanking God for Freedom
August 2008 Endings and Beginnings — The Stuff of Life
September 2008 A Year after the Launch …
October 2008 From Good to Great
November 2008 The Seasons of the Soul
December 2008 Peace on Earth, Good Will to All


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Date Title
January 2009 Christmas — Prelude to a New Beginning
February 2009 A Lesson from a Poor Boy in Nigeria
March 2009 Continuing the Ministry of Jesus
April 2009 Mysteries and Miracles
May 2009 Crossing Over the Threshold
June 2009 From Many We Are One
July 2009 The Deepest Yearnings of the Human Heart
August 2009 It's All About Relationships
September 2009 Natural Church Development (The Church Growing All by Itself)
October 2009 That Great Ranger Car Lot in the Sky
November 2009 The Difference Gratitude Makes
December 2009 The Importance of Trusting the Team


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Date Title
January 2010 A Question for the New Year: Can Someone Really Change?
February 2010 Matters of the Heart
March 2010 The Journey Toward Jerusalem
April 2010 The Centurion and Jesus
May 2010 Going Home …
June 2010 Transforming the World …
July 2010 Against Improbable Odds …
August 2010 Finishing the Race
September 2010 The Importance of Education
October 2010 The Rhythms of the Soul …
November 2010 All One Tapestry — Woven Together
December 2010 Christmas Time Is Here Again!


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Date Title
January 2011 Facing the Challenges Ahead — Some Thoughts for the New Year
February 2011 Discipleship and the Circus!
March 2011 Some Thoughts about Lent: "Sleeping When the Wind Blows"
April 2011 "I Am the Resurrection and the Life …"
May 2011 May Poles, Homecoming, and Memorial Day
June 2011 When God's People Gather at the Lake
July 2011 A Spiritual Retreat in Disguise …
August 2011 That Great Cloud of [Expert] Witnesses …
September 2011 Remembering September 11 …
October 2011 The Changing Seasons of the Soul
November 2011 Fiddling with Traditions and the Famous Rehobeth Bar-B-Que!
December 2011 People of the Story



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Date Title
January 2012 A New Year, A New Beginning — 2012!
February 2012 Love Makes All the Difference!
March 2012 God's Exquisite Love!
April 2012 God's Final Answer
June 2012 The Great Gathering …
July 2012 The Foundations of a Favored Nation …
August 2012 What Is a "Vital Congregation" ?
September 2012 Top of the Mornin' to You!
October 2012 There's a Lot Going on in the Kingdom!
November 2012 "Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant" — A Farewell to Dr. Lenny Stadler
December 2012 Christmas 2012


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Date Title
January 2013 On the Threshold of an Exciting New Year
February 2013 A Vital Congregation at Work and Play!
March 2013 Easter — A New Perspective
April 2013 A Wondrous, Powerful Mystery
May 2013 Upon This Rock — 224 Years Later!
June 2013 Annual Conference and a Vital Congregation
July 2013 July and Our Founding Declaration
August 2013 A Story to Tell
September 2013 September and New Beginnings
October 2013 October and the Blessings of Autumn
November 2013 The World Renowned Rehobeth Bar-B-Que
December 2013 The Christmas Witch

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Date Title
January 2014 Wish You Were 18 Again?
February 2014 Would Anybody Really Want a Bad Haircut?
March 2014 An Exciting Year Already!
April 2014 The Triple Trumpet Surprise …
May 2014 The Busy Month of May!
June 2014 June—An Exciting Time of Year
July 2014 Solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty
August 2014 Camp Meeting and Social Interaction
September 2014 September's Exciting Agenda!
October 2014 October!
November 2014 November!
December 2014 Immanuel—God With Us!

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Date Title
January 2015 A Time for Embracing New Opportunities
February 2015 When Days Are Dreary, the Long Nights Weary…
March 2015 Observing a Holy Lent…
April 2015 I Am the Resurrection and the Life
May 2015 Homecoming, Mother's Day, Pentecost, and Graduation!
June 2015 A Busy June!
July 2015 Freedom and the Fourth of July
August 2015 Settling for Less than the Best
September 2015 Kidnapped Hearts
October 2015 All Creation Praises God
November 2015 Gratitude
December 2015 Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come


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Date Title
January 2016 Way Points in the New Year
February 2016 The Special Thing About February…
March 2016 The Promise in Easter
April 2016 Spring's Great Promise
May 2016 This Busy Month of May
June 2016 The Lazy Days of Summer?
July 2016 A Month to Pause for Prayer
August 2016 Reflections on Surgery Results
September 2016 Opportunities and Challenges for the Fall
October 2016 Believing in the Future… 
November 2016 Just When I Thought We Could Catch Our Breath and Rest… 
December 2016 Christmas at Rehobeth


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Date Title
January 2017 The New Year and Its Opportunities…
February 2017 Valentines Day
March 2017 Lent - A Special Season of Preparation
April 2017 Easter at Morningside
May 2017 The Busy Month of May
June 2017 A Note from the Other Side of Surgery … 
July 2017 Summertime Memories!
August 2017 An Early Morning Moment … 
September 2017 A Long-Awaited Celebration!
October 2017 Weathering the Storms!
November 2017 The Great Rehobeth November Barbeque Resumes! 
December 2017 Christmas!

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Date Title
January 2018 A New Year and the New Covenant!
February 2018 The Long Approach to Easter
March 2018 In the Grip of Grace in Troubled Times
April 2018 Facing the Future with Confidence
May 2018 The Courage to Love and the Busy Month of May

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Bonus Features

Special Messages

Date Title
Christmas 2008 The Night Before Christmas 2008
September 11, 2011 Morning Message: Greater Love Has No One than This …
September 2, 2012 Morning Message: The Fourth Valley

Bob's Song on YouTube:

"The Beggar by the River"

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